Aura TV is a private performing arts training company that specializes in professional television acting, fashion & commercial print modeling, film, song and dance. 

At Aura TV, we hold "Open Screenings" on selected dates to observe new talent.  For many of you this will be the first of many auditions to come.  You will be given a "Cold Read" to perform on camera.    

Talented individuals who utilize our services will not only be ready to enter the entertainment industry, they will also be prepared for life.  At Aura TV, we focus on EDUCATION in the arts, but one of our primary goals is to instill confidence, poise and self-esteem.  When industry professionals are asked, "What is the key element other than talent to one's success?"  They unanimously answer, "EDUCATION!!"  

Aura TV's connections with industry professionals & executives is a key stepping stone to your success.  To counteract the extreme pressure the industry places on actors & models, we help you focus on honing your skills and expanding your knowledge of your craft. 

Aura TV's professional workshops are well above the industry standard!  Our training methods are designed to give you a plethora of experience. with professionals whose expertise will teach you to reach your peak. Aura TV's self improvement methods are designed to improve self-esteem, public speaking and poise within each assigned workshop.

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"When people don't believe in you, you have to believe in yourself
~ Pierce Brosnan ~
We will help you when others say NO!
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  •   Commercial Study (Public Speaking) 
  •   Soap & Sitcom (Public Speaking, Confidence)
  •   Improv (Verbal Reaction)  
  •   Monologue Study (Concentration)  
  •   Scene Study (Confidence, Concentration) 
  •   Intro to Film (Appreciation for the Art)
  •   Fashion / Commercial Print (Poise)  
  •   Runway Modeling (Poise, Posture)  
  •   Image Development (Professionalism)
  •   Voice & Diction (Enunciation, Pronunciation, Confidence)

​Aura TV is like a talent pool for Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, and Producers use our workshops taught by industry professionals to search for new talent outside of the LA and New York markets.

​Working in this industry is no different than any other - you have to get in front of potential employers, and know how to do the job. The Aura TV method and audition process allows our talent to get that exposure. 
Q: What makes Aura TV different from others? 
A: We are who we say we are. We do what we say we do. We believe in our clients and want them to succeed. By focusing on the weaknesses; we give you the tools to build from there. 
Aura TV and their approved business associates give personalized one on one attention. We are about the quality of our clients, not the quantity.

Q: Why would I want to be a part of Aura TV? 
A:  Not only it is an awesome thing to be a part of, industry professionals from all over the world uses Aura TV's talent pool for fresh new talent. Aura TV is great way for you to be a part of the “Biz”. To go out to L.A. or N.Y. without a foot in the door would be nearly 5 times the cost of Aura TV system. It just makes sense to have a team of skilled industry professionals behind you.

Q: What about my child’s education? Will it suffer because of modeling or talent? 
A: The Aura TV family believes in the importance of an education. Every reputable Agent around the world will tell you that a good education & ongoing training is extremely vital to stay up-dated in the entertainment biz. We also believe that a solid academic foundation should be ones first priority. Our policy is to only work with talented individuals who strive for academic excellence.

Q: What is the time commitment? 
A: It all depends; your time with Aura TV and our network of industry professionals will work with you, giving you the tools to practice and develop your craft during and between seminars.

Q: What is your success rate? 
A: Our success rates are solely dependent on the talent and family when it comes to the follow through. Aura TV provides each individual with the tools and the knowledge; it’s up to you on what you do with them. Aura TV's relationships with the best agencies and casting directors are excellent because we are known for presenting the most talented, enthusiastic and professional candidates.

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