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      All successful talent executives recognize one important trait called “Potential” the combination of:        
• Willingness To Learn        Self-Development      • Motivation         Career Development & Growth

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"I think your self emerges more clearly over time" 
~ Meryl Streep ~

Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Author, editor, proofreader, journalist, photographer for ABC Editing and writer/contributor for Bonfire Impact  

"Randy is a wonderful talent booking agent and manager, is excellent at helping others, using his own knowledge and experience and 
a fantastic person to top it off. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for all his skills."

Josiah Overstreet
Show Some Teeth Entertainment

  "Randy is a very capable booking agent. Mr. Bruns does his best to ensure his talent gets only the best, and if not he fights for them."

M.D. McGoo

"Hey Randy, just wanted you to know I endorse every bit of the positive energy, creation, and cohesion you bring to the table every time 
you get involved with a new client or project."

Nomi Worth
Model at The EDGE

  "Randy is a very well known Talent Booking Agent and Manager at AURA TV. From my past experiences working with talent manager's, 
I must admit that Randy is one of the best. I look forward to working further with him in the near future."

Christian Raphael
Vice President Marketing & Sales at Woodworker's Supply

  "Randy is a terrific person and a pleasure to do business with. Eager to help others achieve their goals while using his own abilities and talents. 
Randy's knowledge and passion for talent are well-known in entertainment industry. Lucky to have connected with him!"

Rob Howell
Art Director | Graphic Designer, Fashion & Advertising

"Randy Bruns did an exceptional job on the recent project. He is an ambitious Talent Manager who can be trusted. In addition to being very good and well educated he is hard working and a careful manager. His conception, skills, knowledge and understanding of dependencies made the project a dream. He has constantly shown strong experience in areas such as project management, talent screening & auditioning and is a very articulate communicator. I highly recommend Randy and look forward to working with him again."

Tracey McCloud
Account Executive
Internal Support at United Way of Greater Los Angeles

  "Randy is a conscientious Manager who happens to also offer the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to provide the precise guidance and support needed by anyone working toward a successful career in the entertainment industry. An eye for great talent and the perfect combination of personality and professionalism make Randy the most valuable investment you can make for your own business and/or career."

Andrea Geronimo
Aspiring Model and Actress

  "Sir Randy is a very good colleague, very intelligent and wise yet kind and humble. He also have a keen eye for aspiring talents with potential."

Charleston Berry
Entertainment Business Professional

  "Randy is simply THE BEST! Randy knows how to get the job done!"

Brent Anthony
Actor with Cavaleri Agency

  "Randy Bruns, a person with abundance of entertainment knowledge & experience. 
If you get the opportunity to connect with him, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills!"


Avery Frix
 "Randy is passionate about what he does, and will not quit until he has achieved success for his clients."

Vaughn Hemingway
Owner, Radiowave CD Entertainment

"Simply put he gets the job done."

Bill Freas
Film Industry Professional

  "Randy's expertise in the management realm is unparalleled. His comprehension of the industry and all of its aspects gives him a significant edge over his peers when overseeing clients and projects."

Madla Hruza
at Red White Pictures

  "Randy is detail oriented hard working great communication skills."

Tiffany Sabado
Operations Associate at Forever 21

  "Randy Bruns is one of the best in the talent industry among all people I have ever met. Creative, intelligent, highly motivated, ambitious, smart with boundless energy - that's Randy Bruns! A wise colleague within the enormous circle of entertainment connections."

Jake Eavey
Stunt Performer, Actor, Singer at Pirates Dinner Adventure

  "Randy Bruns was one of many who have guided me in my career path. Since Working with Randy I have joined the most renowned Screen Actors Guild. I highly recommend Randy Bruns as an great addition to any company."

Mike Velez
Logistics Coordinator at Ovando

  "Randy Bruns has shown thee up most professionalism in every Occasion. Meeting all expectations and providing quality service to his clients. His ability to get straight down to the Point has made him a head of his class and one step ahead of the rest. I would most definitely Hire him or consult with him again."

Elizabeth Reynolds
C.O.O. at Coast Urgent Care

"I've known Randy since the early 80's when he was a model working out of Dallas, Texas. His personal experience as a professional model led to his expertise as a top quality model and talent industry professional. His compassion for the entertainment field led him to his current practice. Randy's work exemplifies his belief that everyone possesses the inner ability to be successful in the business with the right leadership, coaching, and training. When you work with Randy Bruns you are in the right hands to achieve your goals."

Christa Claasen-Williams
Director at LC Models

  "Randy is himself a great talent in the Talent Industry with a keen eye for searching and then booking and managing that talent. His entertainment auditioning skills is second to none and his marketing and advertising skills are on par with the best in the industry."

Bob Wright
COO, President at Faces and Faith
"Randy may be the most prepared person I have ever come in contact with. If you need management, he is your man. He will discover an attention to detail that is second to none. Randy will make sure you have every chance to be successful with his due diligence and his very good judge of talent and character."

Carolyne Barry
Owner, Carolyne Barry Creative Ent.

  "Randy is a smart and motivated professional who it is a pleasure to work with."

Fred M Davis Entertainment and Funding

  "Great guy in business and getting things done.. talent managers are one of a kind and Randy is one of a kind."

Deano Kaye
Owner - Deano Kaye & Company

  "Randy has a keen ability to not only understand his clients needs but to execute the task at hand to get people in the seats so that the client can present what ever they are selling or presenting to them. When it comes to marketing and lead generation, he is also an out of the box thinker and very proactive with today's fast paced society."

Nicole Schneider
Model, Actress, Make-Up Artist​

"Randy is extremely Creative in all aspects of his work, he is efficient and pays the utmost attention to every detail!! He is always very personable and friendly and knows how to command a crowd!! I loved working with him, he has talent beyond his measures! and is always fun and upbeat but very professional!! I would Hire him again and again! You will get the best of the best when working with him or for him!"
Nicole Schneider (owner)

Kinga Ene (LION)
Secrétaire Réceptionniste chez Meritek Conseil

  To whom it may concern,

  "Mr. Randy Bruns is one of the best in the talent industry. Knowing well how to see the secret talent in people, he is a person with an amazing experience and knowledge in this industry. He will help you out to find the star in you. Randy is not only professional, but also creative, intelligent and a person with an extraordinary sense of negotiation." 

John Chlebus
Advertising Professional and Creative Director

  "It's my pleasure to recommend Randy Bruns as a colleague of mine for anyone with needs in Marketing/Advertising/TV Production.
Randy is without question: Innovative, discipline, focused, determined, goal oriented and ethical (his most important asset) that he brings to his clients, present and future, with much success by adding to their bottom-line and market-share by utilizing the proper avenues and talents for these successes." 

Karen Cuthrell
Project Analyst at Estes

  "CW Productions worked with my Son to help create a talent that he did not realize that he had. With the support and expert guidance of Randy and Aaron with CW Productions, my son gained a self confidence that only someone with their experience could have brought out. My son may never have a career in modeling or acting but what they did give him is a life lesson in self confidence. When he went into the audition he took with him little self esteem and a stutter in his speech. Today he has self confidence, no longer stutters and presents himself with self esteem, that I attribute to Aaron, Randy and the Talent and Modeling Expo that he went to in Dallas. CW Productions provided the support to get him there."

Dan McGowan
Motivational Speaker & Comedian

  "One of the most difficult jobs is securing and hiring talent for events. You have to please both the performer and the venue and your reputation is always on the line. Randy Bruns has a knack for being able to serve the needs of both the venue and the talent in a way where everyone wins! I highly recommend calling upon Randy's years of expertise for your next event!"

Shawn Deena
Account Manager at Open Software Integrators, LLC

 "Randy has a keen sense for seeking out talent and understanding the right way to direct and nurture the talent on to he right path. His commitment to seeing a project through from inception to completion is beyond outstanding.

His work at CW Productions and his work with Aura TV proves his effective management style, his dedication and commitment to working with talent and his amazing passion for this business. When he commits himself to working with an artist or a professional he is fully invested in ensuring their success in their endeavors.

It is always a please working with Randy and I look forward to working with him in the near future." 

Karen Droessler
Equipment Planner

  "Randy possess an amazing work ethic and follow-through that are only possessed by few in the talent & entertainment industry. His dedication to his craft is truly inspiring. I would recommend Randy for his talent, depth, insight and ability to communicate his emotion, feelings and thoughts in such a compelling way that you can actually feel what he is trying to convey."

Monique Prestridge

  "Randy is a fantastic Manager! Hard working and very dedicated! I would love to work further with him in the future!"

Monique worked directly with Randy at Aura TV

​Christopher Salvesen
Founder, CEO, Executive Producer at ANCIENT FILMS

"Randy, I feel you do deserve my endorsement. And I always support smart entertainment resources."

Anthony J. Polizzi
Law Clerk at Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office

  "Great agent!!"

Cindy Chang
National Student Recruiter at Aveda Institute and Academy Canada

  "Randy was always very professional in his role."

Tom Bludau
ACN Independent Business Owner

  "When you can't get noticed, Get with Randy. He'll work hard for you."

Aaron Jackson
Film & TV Producer, Talent Mgr, Acting Coach, Actor
"I've been fortunate to work with Randy on multiple occasions over the years, and every time is a pleasure. He offers a wealth of knowledge to the entertainment industry, always finds a solution to any issue, and works well with all talent. In addition, Randy’s knowledge and skill-set to effectively setup and manage any talent search campaign is perhaps his greatest asset. His ability to step into a completely chaotic situation, to get it organized and running smoothly is truly a gift he possesses. Randy is that all-too rare commodity in the entertainment business from Hollywood to New York. I'm always happy to work with him and can't recommend him highly enough."

Aaron Jackson
Dangerous Curves

Michael Spatafore 
at Stand Up Comic

  "Randy Bruns is very qualified and has expertise in Entertainment and
  I would recommend him to all! Randy is well known in the Entertainment
  Industry. Check him out you will not be disappointed." 
Michael Spatafore

Nathan Cary
Writer, Producer, Director

"Randy Bruns is very knowledgeable about the business as a talent Manager looking for a client and as a potential client looking for a manger. He is someone with his experience passes knowledge down to individual even if they are not his clients to better help them with their endeavors."
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