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Workshops with industry professionals
Vogue - Ashley Graham 
I & I Agency

Staff with family and agents
Ryan Mathison, 435 South cover
Melaney Binkley Faces, Inc Peekaboo
Matt Voelker - I & I Agency - Runner's World magazine
Lisa Connally 
Dillard's Runway Show
Lindsey Shaw - I & I Agency
Knight Twins, for Hallmark
Jordan Kitchen, BF Goodrich
Jayden Talent Fusion for Kohl's
Gordon Harrod - I & I Agency
EFF - Deonna Pinkerton - 
I & I Agency
Details Mag - Drew Jenkins - 
I & I Agency
Deonna Pinkerton - 
EFF 45th season
Callie Agler, Singer in Branson
Caleb Service - I & I Agency for AMC
Burberry 2009 - Drew Jenkins
Benetton 2010 - Drew Jenkins
Ashley Graham - I & I Agency - Fashion Bug
"I believe that every person is born with talent"  ~Maya Angelou~

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